Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'Beta Trial' exactly? Is this safe to use?

Sitterzen is a new start-up business. In order to understand whether to invest in building a full marketplace platform, we've built a 'beta' version - a much cheaper, simpler version of the platform that does the main things, but doesn't have all the fancy stuff that we hope to have one day. This beta version is safe and secure and will allow us to see whether our idea is really a good one - whether parents and sitters really want to use a platform like this.

Sitterzen Beta is completely safe to use - the sitters on the site are all real sitters, and they really are trusted by the parents on their profile. The booking and payment system uses Paypal which is used and trusted by millions of websites and online stores. The bookings are all manually handled by Jane, Sitterzen's founder, and she's contactable anytime on - she'll even talk you through the platform if you'd rather communicate over the phone.


How do you select the sitters that are on Sitterzen?

The only way a sitter can join Sitterzen is by being nominated by a parent in the neighbourhood who has used them more than twice. That parent has to be comfortable with their name and face appearing on the site 'trusting' that sitter, and they're asked to write a short recommendation. We believe in using the trust relationships that have been built up in our community.


What does it cost to use Sitterzen?

Users pay the sitter's rate plus a 5% booking and payment charge.

For example, if the sitter sets their rate at $15 per hour, you will be charged $15.75 an hour. The sitter receives their full $15 an hour. There are no other fees or charges.


How does that compare to agency fees?

An agency will normally charge around $20-25 to take a booking. Their sitters rates are usually much higher too. We believe we can offer more convenient access to more trustworthy sitters, at a much better price.


How does payment work?

When you make a booking, you enter your credit card or Paypal details. Once the booking is confirmed, the payment is taken by Sitterzen. The sitter is then paid the day following the booking. If there is a change to the duration of the booking, this can be ammended before the sitter is paid. If a booking is not confirmed, no money is charged and Sitterzen will suggest alternative sitters for your job.


Can I sign up and use Sitterzen?

There are a couple of requirements - firstly, you need to live in, or directly around, 1024, 1025 or 1041 postcodes in central Auckland. Secondly, you need to nominate a babysitter that you've used in the past and who you trust and would recommend to others. This sitter will be invited to the platform, and on their profile it will say that they're trusted by you.


Do you expect me to book the sitter I nominate through Sitterzen from now on?

No - of course you can keep on booking them directly! Unless of course you'd like to book them through Sitterzen, in which case you're welcome to.


What if I bring my sitter to Sitterzen and then they end up never being available when I need them?

With any luck this won't happen too often - but if it does, the benefit of Sitterzen is that you'll have a much larger pool of other great sitters to instantly tap in to.


What if I have more than one sitter I'd like to nominate?

Fantastic - we'd love as many sitters as possible to be nominated and on the platform.


What if I have friends I know would like to be part of the Sitterzen trial?

If they live in our trial zone then we'd love you to share Sitterzen with them. They can sign up for the trial here.


I'm a sitter - how can I join Sitterzen?

We'd love to have you - you'll just need to be nominated by a parent that you've sat for at least twice - and we make that easy with a pre-written email you can send them explaining what Sitterzen is and asking them to nominate you. It's all here.


If you've got more questions...

Please do get in touch any time - just hit the 'contact us' button below and we'll happily answer any questions or take any feedback.