Instantly find a babysitter trusted by other parents in your neighbourhood

The new way to instantly find a sitter trusted by other parents in your neighbourhood

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How it works

Sitterzen's not just about finding a babysitter - it's about finding a sitter you can trust, and leaving them briefed and equipped to do the best possible job of taking care of your kids.




Browse babysitters, view their profile and experience, and see the parents in your neighbourhood who've used and recommended them.



Choose a date and time, make a booking, receive confirmation, and pay for the booking online - no cash, no fuss.



Your sitter is fully briefed with the information you've provided about your home, kids and rules of the house.



Head out, safe in the knowledge you've left your kids in the hands of a trusted sitter who's been fully briefed on the needs and expectations of you and your family.


Special Introductory Offer - Book and get your first hour free!

If you've been thinking of trying Sitterzen then now's the time! We're offering you the first hour FREE for bookings in October. Make your booking here -  just book & pay for the number of hours you require LESS 1 - this is your first hour FREE! In the comments mention that you're booking the October special and let us know the date and time you'd like the sitter.

Who'll be looking after your little ones?


Sitterzen's difference is that all sitters have been used and are trusted by other parents in your neighbourhood...

From one caring parent to another

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Hi - I'm Jane Haagh, Mt Eden Mum of Riley (6) and Tilly (3), and creator of Sitterzen

The idea for Sitterzen came to me on a family holiday in Bali...


After a busy day sightseeing and swimming, my worn out kids didn't want to be dragged out for dinner. They asked if they could stay in our hotel room with a babysitter while we went out.

We hadn't stayed at the resort before and weren't familiar with their babysitting services. So I jumped online to do a little research.

I'm very careful about who I leave our kids with - but after combing through reviews about the resort and its babysitting services, I felt comfortable enough with their reputation to give the babysitter option a go.

It couldn’t have been much easier. I made two calls at 5.30pm - one to book a restaurant and one to book a sitter. We left at 6pm and were back by 8pm.

The kids loved eating food in their PJ’s in our room and playing cards with the sitter. We enjoyed some much needed ‘zen time’. It seemed to be a win-win all round.

The next day by the pool I wondered about how I could replicate that easy experience back home in New Zealand.

How could I easily find, book and pay for a sitter I could trust, at short notice, and for just a couple of hours?

My first thought was that I could ask a friend for a sitter recommendation, but it still felt like quite a manual process of ringing around and arranging dates, times, details.

And so there by the pool in Bali I said to my husband. Do you think there could be an “Uber for babysitting?” and the idea for Sitterzen was born.


Interested but need to know a little more?

Jane is free to explain Sitterzen in more detail and answer all your questions - just click below to leave your name or phone number and she'll get in touch during business hours.