Join the Sitterzen central Auckland trial

We plan to be available nationwide before long. But first, we're trialling the platform in a small community to refine and perfect it before rolling out. Our trial is running from August to mid-November 2017.

If you'd like to be part of this trial, and you live in the 1024, 1025 or 1041 postcodes in central Auckland, then we would love to have you on board.

The trial is being run and closely monitored by Sitterzen founder Jane Haagh and her team. All users and sitters are in constant personal contact with Jane. And of course, all sitters have been used and trusted by parents in the neighbourhood.

Joining is free, and we will guide you through it to make it as quick and easy as possible. There's no obligation to use the platform - although of course we'd love you to! 

There are three criteria for joining the trial:

1. You must live in the 1024, 1025 or 1041 postcodes in central Auckland.


2. We will need feedback from time to time on how you're finding the platform and experience. This won't be too time consuming or arduous, but we may want to have a quick phone call with you or get you to fill out a quick online survey from time to time.

3. You'll need to agree to accept weekly email marketing from Sitterzen throughout the three month period (August - mid November 2017)


Optional - we are always looking for new sitters, and so if you have one that you trust, and think would like to be part of Sitterzen, then you can leave their details below.

To let them know about Sitterzen, we recommend emailing them with the following information:

Hi (Sitter),

I'm contacting you because I’d like to nominate you to be a Sitterzen sitter.

Sitterzen is a new online platform that helps parents find babysitters who are trusted by other parents in their local neighbourhood.

It's a bit like Uber for babysitters, and has been created by a Mum from Mt Eden called Jane Haagh.

You can find out all about it here:

By nominating you, I’m recommending you to people in our neighbourhood as someone we trust to look after our children.

Sitterzen is free for you to join, you can set your own hours and hourly rate, and you can choose which jobs you take.

And hopefully it will enable you to get more work sitting for other families like ours.

If you’re up for it, just let me know. I will give Jane your email address, and she'll be in touch to get you signed up.




If you meet the requirements and you're good to go, then fill in the form below and we'll be in touch within 48 hours with an invitation code to get you signed up to the platform.

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If you have a sitter that you'd like to nominate to be on Sitterzen, then we'd love to have them! You must have used them at least twice in the past, and trust them and be willing to vouch for them. We'll get in touch with them as part of the signup process to invite them to join. If you don't have a sitter, that's no problem - just skip to the bottom and click 'Apply'.
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CLICK BELOW TO APPLY. WE'LL BE IN TOUCH WITHIN 48 HOURS with an invitation code to get you signed up to the platform.